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The routine continues

Days 2 and 3 of running with the new shoes went well, although gathering the willpower to make it out this weekend was properly hard – for a few reasons.

1. It’s still cold enough to be miserable and cause me to completely misjudge what to wear. “Sweat runs” as Sensei Paul calls them are a regular appearance.

2. My fitness is still down after my September heights, although the ITB rolls at least are getting easier.

3. I’m still eating like a mentalist, far too much, and am heavy and not feeling the grace of my earlier lightness

Hoping to resolve this in the weeks ahead… But still ahead of my distance target and hoping to continue this into the month ahead. Wish me luck…

Withdrawal symptoms

So it turns out winter, commuting, a young baby, snow and two weeks of a bad cold are a bad combination and its now been more than a month since my last run with no prospects for another until next weekend at the earliest.

My brother recommended I get into a winter-fat mindset and just deal with it. Is he right?

Side-effects of this withdrawal appear to be slight podgyness and tiredness. I don’t like it… but there’s not enough hours in my day, as I haven’t found a cure for sleep as yet…

Winter is coming

Woke up this morning for my early morning run and for the first time since June the I felt the cold. Brrr! Took a bit more willpower to leap out of bed and get to it, but get to it I did and with good result.

Despite feeling the need to don a sweatshirt for this morning’s run I managed to blitz it – getting through 6.1k in 35 minutes – a full minute and a half quicker than Monday’s effort and with no ITB or even hamstring pain. Very satisfying – the average pace of 5.42 / km is quicker than I need for a sub 2 hour half – although at present fitness there’s no way I could sustain that for two hours!

If I feel this good for Friday’s run – which I might make a 7k-er – I may up my weekend distance target to 15k…

The weather

If you’re in the UK, it won’t have escaped your attention that its been rather chilly over the last few weeks. The coldest winter in a nearly 20 years, with “worse to come,” no less.

The Met Office’s forecast made interesting reading yesterday (it’s since been revised as apparently the threat weather won’t be quite as bad as feared), as it predicted an “interruption incident” in London on Friday. Never mind that this is the same language, more or less, used to describe terror “incidents” (at least if Spooks is anything to go by), I thought it was deliciously euphemistic. London’s transport infrastructure being unable to cope with inclement weather is not a new thing, but I’m glad that people forecast it…

The language is also indicative of exactly how seriously the British take the weather… Makes me wonder if we have a government agency reporting to Defra that responds to these sorts of incidents, and what the TV series of that would look like…