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Winter is coming

Fresh BreathWhen I was a kid I was fascinated by the way breath misted on exhalation when the weather was cool enough. It was a frustration to me that it didn’t happen in Malaysia.

Yesterday, for the first time since the Summer proper began, my breath misted. Which doesn’t quite have the same exciting cachet it did when I was 10 and first visiting the UK, marking as it does the decline of the summer.

<sigh>. At least we have one more summer break to the seaside planned – looking forward to it, Damo!

Defeating SAD

There’s a lot of winter I don’t love, but particularly the dark morning/dark evening routine. Where I grew up, the story went that they shifted the time zone so that people wouldn’t have to commute in the dark (I can’t find evidence this is true on the internets, so must have been an old wives’ tale).

So it has been a growing relief that I need to fumble less as I head out for work in the mornings, unlocking garage doors and making my way through the (semi) darkened corridors and the like… and amazingly, today I left work to birdsong and returned without having to wait for 10 minutes for the car to demist!

Bring on the sunshine and sandals – summer’s practically here!

The weather

If you’re in the UK, it won’t have escaped your attention that its been rather chilly over the last few weeks. The coldest winter in a nearly 20 years, with “worse to come,” no less.

The Met Office’s forecast made interesting reading yesterday (it’s since been revised as apparently the threat weather won’t be quite as bad as feared), as it predicted an “interruption incident” in London on Friday. Never mind that this is the same language, more or less, used to describe terror “incidents” (at least if Spooks is anything to go by), I thought it was deliciously euphemistic. London’s transport infrastructure being unable to cope with inclement weather is not a new thing, but I’m glad that people forecast it…

The language is also indicative of exactly how seriously the British take the weather… Makes me wonder if we have a government agency reporting to Defra that responds to these sorts of incidents, and what the TV series of that would look like…