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Training through barriers

Since this year’s winter weight gain and running hiatus, I’ve struggled to run through the 5k distance barrier. When I took up running a year or so ago, I’d never run more than 5k in my adult life. When I started, I found that I managed 10k without too much extra trouble and was able to inch upwards until my LSR was 14-15k without too much trouble – and ultimately delivered my 2h9 half marathon time. Not record breaking by any means, but for me it was quite an accomplishment.

Anyway, the last week has seen two very different 10k runs as I begin to knock down the psychological distance barrier. The first, a tech-free run, saw me complete my 10k in 65 minutes – substantially slower than my previous efforts. My benchmark has always been 30 minute 5ks – so a 60 minute 10k is the thing to beat.

Today, I managed it, crossing the 10k mark at 59m20s – not massively speedy but hopefully the beginning of a return to form, and a whole load better than my previous effort. It was Runkeeper supported and I guess having a voice tell me my current pace does put effective pressure on me to up the ante…

Anyway, will continue to keep up the pressure on myself and see where I end up. I’ve not had the stones to enter another half-marathon yet – it’s difficult to be sure I can manage it with my extra weight and without having yet put in the time to build up to the distances I’d need – but we’ll see how we go.

Thoughts go out to the injured Sensei-Paul, who I’m seeing next week and will no doubt discuss running with for all of our edification.

Hopefully I’ll be able to churn out a > 10k run in the next week or so…

2011 running / week 3

Best week yet in distance terms, worst in time. 5k yesterday (respectable for me, in around 30 mins, around my old London 5k circuit), and today’s LSR (and I meant it to be a LSR, if not quite so S), was around 11k in 1h17m. Which is about 11 minutes slower than my peak. But then, stress levels, training, eating, stretching have all been left off… hopefully with this aspect of things picking up I’ll get closer to my former state and start making respectable times soon.

Also need to get shoes sorted, and gauge the temperature better. Today’s 11.5 degrees really didn’t require the running jacket…

Winter is coming

Woke up this morning for my early morning run and for the first time since June the I felt the cold. Brrr! Took a bit more willpower to leap out of bed and get to it, but get to it I did and with good result.

Despite feeling the need to don a sweatshirt for this morning’s run I managed to blitz it – getting through 6.1k in 35 minutes – a full minute and a half quicker than Monday’s effort and with no ITB or even hamstring pain. Very satisfying – the average pace of 5.42 / km is quicker than I need for a sub 2 hour half – although at present fitness there’s no way I could sustain that for two hours!

If I feel this good for Friday’s run – which I might make a 7k-er – I may up my weekend distance target to 15k…

Keeping up diligence with my ITBS physio exercises

This isn’t easy.  It’s never been easy to maintain a fixed regimen of daily, tedious, repetitive, and in this case distinctly painful exercises. My routine involves:

  1. Morning rolls on the foam roller – 3x sets of 10 with pauses on the particular pain points for as long as I can bear. I started just on the injured side but am extended to both legs as my left side seems pretty tight too.
  2. Knee bends – 3x set of 10, one legged, slow, pointing my kneecap between my second and third toes (working against my tendency to roll in). Just the right leg at the moment.
  3. Standing on one leg for 2 minutes (more uncomfortable than it sounds)
  4. Hamstring stretches

I’m probably worst at forcing discipline with (4), as is always the issue with stretching.

However, between my newfound passion for running and determination to get on the road again, and my primary external motivating factor (wanting to be in shape and impress my beautiful, increasingly pregnant wife who is understandably scornful about my determinations on quantifying pain) – I’m managing something of a routine. As I head to the village this weekend, I take with me a foam roller and all the willpower I can muster.

Wish me luck – hopefully next week I hop, which is the last recovery stage before being allowed out on the roads again – but it might be a couple of weeks yet!

Postscript: Sorry this is turning into an injury blog at the moment. normal running service will resume soon as I can manage it!

The cycling mileage is going up and up

Not having been able to do substantial running for the last couple of weeks has been infuriating and made it feel like I’m not doing any exercise; however I topped 1,000 sit-ups and 70 miles cycled for the month today, so I guess it all adds up. Juneathon has been a good motivating factor but if I’m honest the diet’s slipped off and I’m not feeling my best. It’s going to kick back in big style now, down with the biscuit tin of fatty, sugary death.

Oh- today – 11k cycle, 36ish minutes, and 110 sit-ups.