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Winter is coming

Woke up this morning for my early morning run and for the first time since June the I felt the cold. Brrr! Took a bit more willpower to leap out of bed and get to it, but get to it I did and with good result.

Despite feeling the need to don a sweatshirt for this morning’s run I managed to blitz it – getting through 6.1k in 35 minutes – a full minute and a half quicker than Monday’s effort and with no ITB or even hamstring pain. Very satisfying – the average pace of 5.42 / km is quicker than I need for a sub 2 hour half – although at present fitness there’s no way I could sustain that for two hours!

If I feel this good for Friday’s run – which I might make a 7k-er – I may up my weekend distance target to 15k…