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Cash for phones

One of my agency’s clients, Mopay, has just released this viral:

I think its pretty funny (and no, I wasn’t involved in this one). The service is good too; mobile phone recycling, for which they give you money. Check it out.

This year really has been the year where the world realises that the things we do have an impact. It’s not all about Al Gore’s PowerPoint skills, I’m sure, although no doubt its helped.

Threshers proves power of social media

At least, it has as far as my bandwidth bills are concerned. Since I posted in response to Hugh’s original blog post, in the last 7 days I’ve had (according to Google Analytics):

3,569 visitors (+631%)
6,877 pageviews (+870%)
717% more referrals from Google
5100% more referrals from Technorati (I know, I get very few T’rati referrals)

My humble post has been viewed 5,406 times and is the most popular post on my blog ever (no 2 is this one with 1,827 views).

My bandwidth usage is also at 340MB of a 1GB cap (4 days into the month) — typically I use 600MB of bandwidth by the END of the month. All of my photos are hosted on Flickr, so don’t contribute. Cripes. Fortunately it seems to be dying down.

On the story itself, Hugh has full updates over at Gaping Void – particularly interesting is how the mainstream media picked up on the story, and the impact it has had on Threshers. Threshers’ employee Sam commented here on division6 today on how it is affecting him on the ground (and how to get six bottles of the same kind of wine if they don’t have it out front – ask – apparently it is hard to keep restocking with current demand!).

It’s all pretty durn impressive. Good stunt. I remain impressed. And plan to use my voucher this Saturday, if my local Threshers hasn’t run out of stock of everything.

Welcome, wine discount seekers

Bargain Hunt!I’ve had, like, 700 hits in the last 24 hours for the Threshers post, so hope you all lap it up (‘scuse the pun). It’s cropped up all over the blogosphere, so it seems like this was a clever marketing stunt by Threshers and Hugh hit the tone write with his blog post, causing people everywhere to download it.

Great hit, Threshers, Stormhoek, Hugh, and everyone else who was involved. I plan to make use of the voucher this weekend if there is any wine left in my local branch! The store finder is here, if you want it.

Update: various people have pointed out that, as the 3 for 2 offers are invalid with the 40% discount voucher, you would only be receiving a 7.67% additional discount. Still, not too shabby!

Update 2: It’s 10%. My maths stinks.

Update 3: The BBC wrote an article, and I had 1,500 visitors yesterday (usually I get about 70-80). My bandwidth bills are going to be up a bit this month…

40% off Threshers Wine

Update: If you’re looking for the March/Easter promotion, click here!

More wine!Seriousla. Cool stuff. Full story on Hugh’s blog, but essentially Thresher’s is giving people 40% off wine and don’t think it’ll get far because it isn’t promoting it. Either they don’t know what a ‘blogstorm’ is or they didn’t count on Hugh’s blogmendous influence.

Download the coupon here and stock up. I’ve been meaning to get hold of some of Hugh’s geek wine (Stormhoek) and this is my chance!

And for the cynical amongst you who think that this is precisely Thresher’s plan, well, I don’t care! 40% off wine is big! Christmas season is coming! Oh — and spread the word. Please repost this. Everywhere.

Software Cluedo & Fruity Friday

So, I’m a big fan of interesting virals. The problem is, the vast majority that I see are rubbish, recycled content (ebaumstrash), or just no fun at all. Then two good ones came my way at once, and I spent rather too much time on them.

The first, Software Cluedo, is a Business Software Alliance (one of our agency’s clients) initiative designed to raise awareness of the likely causes and locations of software piracy. It is worryingly addictive, and actually not as easy as you might think to solve.

The second, more of a test of manual dexterity than detective skills, is courtesy of my friend James at World Cancer Research Fund, who is trying to raise awareness of the ‘five-a-day’ initiative, to get people to eat more fruit. Pip’s Fruit Shoot and Pip’s Target Practise are available here. Or, you could just beat the banana.

Anyway, a good way to waste some time – spread the Friday Fun!!

(Yes, I know its Thursday. Whoops…)