Threshers proves power of social media

At least, it has as far as my bandwidth bills are concerned. Since I posted in response to Hugh’s original blog post, in the last 7 days I’ve had (according to Google Analytics):

3,569 visitors (+631%)
6,877 pageviews (+870%)
717% more referrals from Google
5100% more referrals from Technorati (I know, I get very few T’rati referrals)

My humble post has been viewed 5,406 times and is the most popular post on my blog ever (no 2 is this one with 1,827 views).

My bandwidth usage is also at 340MB of a 1GB cap (4 days into the month) — typically I use 600MB of bandwidth by the END of the month. All of my photos are hosted on Flickr, so don’t contribute. Cripes. Fortunately it seems to be dying down.

On the story itself, Hugh has full updates over at Gaping Void – particularly interesting is how the mainstream media picked up on the story, and the impact it has had on Threshers. Threshers’ employee Sam commented here on division6 today on how it is affecting him on the ground (and how to get six bottles of the same kind of wine if they don’t have it out front – ask – apparently it is hard to keep restocking with current demand!).

It’s all pretty durn impressive. Good stunt. I remain impressed. And plan to use my voucher this Saturday, if my local Threshers hasn’t run out of stock of everything.