Welcome, wine discount seekers

Bargain Hunt!I’ve had, like, 700 hits in the last 24 hours for the Threshers post, so hope you all lap it up (‘scuse the pun). It’s cropped up all over the blogosphere, so it seems like this was a clever marketing stunt by Threshers and Hugh hit the tone write with his blog post, causing people everywhere to download it.

Great hit, Threshers, Stormhoek, Hugh, and everyone else who was involved. I plan to make use of the voucher this weekend if there is any wine left in my local branch! The store finder is here, if you want it.

Update: various people have pointed out that, as the 3 for 2 offers are invalid with the 40% discount voucher, you would only be receiving a 7.67% additional discount. Still, not too shabby!

Update 2: It’s 10%. My maths stinks.

Update 3: The BBC wrote an article, and I had 1,500 visitors yesterday (usually I get about 70-80). My bandwidth bills are going to be up a bit this month…