Software Cluedo & Fruity Friday

So, I’m a big fan of interesting virals. The problem is, the vast majority that I see are rubbish, recycled content (ebaumstrash), or just no fun at all. Then two good ones came my way at once, and I spent rather too much time on them.

The first, Software Cluedo, is a Business Software Alliance (one of our agency’s clients) initiative designed to raise awareness of the likely causes and locations of software piracy. It is worryingly addictive, and actually not as easy as you might think to solve.

The second, more of a test of manual dexterity than detective skills, is courtesy of my friend James at World Cancer Research Fund, who is trying to raise awareness of the ‘five-a-day’ initiative, to get people to eat more fruit. Pip’s Fruit Shoot and Pip’s Target Practise are available here. Or, you could just beat the banana.

Anyway, a good way to waste some time – spread the Friday Fun!!

(Yes, I know its Thursday. Whoops…)