40% off Threshers Wine

Update: If you’re looking for the March/Easter promotion, click here!

More wine!Seriousla. Cool stuff. Full story on Hugh’s blog, but essentially Thresher’s is giving people 40% off wine and don’t think it’ll get far because it isn’t promoting it. Either they don’t know what a ‘blogstorm’ is or they didn’t count on Hugh’s blogmendous influence.

Download the coupon here and stock up. I’ve been meaning to get hold of some of Hugh’s geek wine (Stormhoek) and this is my chance!

And for the cynical amongst you who think that this is precisely Thresher’s plan, well, I don’t care! 40% off wine is big! Christmas season is coming! Oh — and spread the word. Please repost this. Everywhere.

8 thoughts on “40% off Threshers Wine”

  1. James.

    That’s true enough BUT you have to spend twice as much to receive the 1/3 discount. A bottle of Bolli at £17 is more palatable than 3 bottles at £60 to me. I don’t like to have to buy my champagne in volume! The calculation’s straight forward too, if you mix and match on the 3 for 2 and get the cheapest one for free you can spend quite a time compromising – not with the 40% deal. Nice and transparent, just how I like it.

  2. I work in a threshers and yes all vouchers are being honoured although they may start being funny about your email you write on them so be careful to put a buisness email address on them (doesn’t have to be real) oh and if u want 6 of the same bloody bottle ask 4 it from the back coz the shelves are a bugger to keep full!

  3. This is no more than a very clever marketing ploy by Threshers. By offering us (general public) a percieved “hefty” discount that we believe we’re not entitled to, will ultimately always induce demand

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