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Cisco on Innovation

Cisco is a client of mine, so you know.

I don’t ordinarily write about clients at the weekend. Pretty much never, actually. Buy we’ve been working on a cool project with a man called Ian Kennedy at Cisco, and I spotted that Ian Forrester had been involved with the Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle last week and caught Ian K’s talk on ‘Open Innovation’ on Blip.tv.

Much interesting insight. Ian Kennedy’s a very smart guy and if you’re interested in the ongoing development of technology (well, everything really) in the UK and how one of the very big, very innovative companies in the world is approaching it, have a view:

Update: Turns out Ian made it onto Sky News this weekend too, talking about future collaboration and meeting applications, amongst other things.

Twitter’s usefulness diminished by good intentions

I’m sure these guys meant well. They’re trying to explain the micro-blogging Twitter service to people — whether because they were paid to, or because they just want to promote it… but: it wholly misrepresents the usefulness of Twitter.

I do like the style of the video, though

Sure, there’s times when its helpful to know the minute details of the lives of the people you follow – but mostly, it’s a fantastic collaboration tool. Does anyone know… Can anyone recommend… Has anyone done… Can anyone make it to… Once you have a network of people in place you get wholly enlightening and entirely useful responses.

Oh – I’m here.

Culinary weekend

Had an exciting weekend of cooking; roast leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic, honey glazed carrots, broccolli and red potato wedges, created with the help of Amanda and Sheila, followed by an Amanda special crumble, which was delicious (Amanda also made nutmeg-free currant buns in preparation for Easter, which are even more delicious). The roast turned out really well despite my near-complete inexperience roasting lamb, and again, I credit this to the wonder that is videojug:

How To Make Roast Leg Of Lamb

The mustard crust makes for a really crispy, tasty outer shell and the rosemary and garlic to a wonderful job of flavouring the meat. Sheila also gained additional entertainment by considering the possibility of garlic overdose (missing an embedded piece of garlic in a mouthful of lamb… mmm).

God bless the Internets.

Oh, and Spurs won too. Tasty and triumphant.