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Evernote feature request

We should have recovered from the migration issues I mentioned recently now, so thanks for bearing with me.

I introduced Amanda to Evernote today whilst kicking off the gargantuan list of things we want to achieve whilst I’m off on sabbatical. She’s generally a propoenent of pen and paper when it comes to this sort of thing but the write once / have anywhere nature of Evernote appealed.

I have a feature request, though: please can you integrate with Google Docs so I can share an individual ‘note’ with someone else, preferably without forcing them to sign up to Evernote themselves? Would be a nice feature.

I’m dealing with some jetlag after the flight back to the UK so an increased rate of bloggery will return soon. Have a couple of queries out about Outcasts given the massive interest I’ve had in my posts about it, however neither the BBC nor Kudos TV are currently responding to me, so it might be a while…


I’ve got a couple of months off after today! No detailed itinerary for you, webbiverse, because I want to dissuade stalkers and robbers, but the essence of the plan is to:

  • Take Emily to meet her family in Malaysia and Denmark
  • Train to do a half marathon as quickly as possible
  • Finish creating a universe and write some short stories in it
  • Help Amanda paint the living room and other assorted DIY stuff
  • Spend a load of time with my girls, visiting friends, chillaxing

      It’s very, very exciting. V. grateful to my employers, for giving me the opportunity (a benefit following 4 years service which I’m calling in after 7 years here!) and am looking forward to the break!

      Home alone

      Emily and Amanda are off visiting friends and I have the bizarre prospect of the first few days at home alone since we moved here.


      Managed to keep busy with a little blogging, life-sorting-outness, and a terrible Disney film (Amanda hates Nicolas Cage, but ever since he uttered the line “Why couldn’t you put the bunny back in the box ,” in Con Air I’ve had a soft spot for him). Despite the fact that seeing a nerd take on magic is clearly a good formula for geeks everywhere, the dramatic climax of the film sees the hero emit the horrible putrescence that was:

      “I’m not alone. I brought a little science with me.”

      I know it was meant to be a little tongue in cheek but it’s nowhere near the comic mastery of  XKCD and just made me shudder a little. Randall Munroe is legend, Jerry Brucheimer, not quite so much.

      Still, there was something about seeing the scene from Fantasia take CGI-tastic form.

      Brief moment of self consciousness…

      …complete. Writing will resume.

      Not sure what happened there. Think a bit of busy-ness and tricky writing at work stumped me for the blogging. But I’m back now, and the girls are away this evening so time to catch upon some of my Evernote blog post ideas.

      My Evernoting is going quite well, btw. The only issue are occasional sync errors that creep in – probably due to my trying to edit notes on too many different platforms simultaneously. I’ll work it out…


      The sore neck has led to some experimentation with new pillows, and some gloom about my increasingly evident aging. The one I’ve settled on, which seems to be helping, has a softer side and a harder side. Fun!

      Who knew there were so many varieties of orthopaedic pillows? Well, given that I’ve mocked Damo mercilessly for much the same thing in the past I was clearly aware it existed as an issue… am clearly going to need to sort myself out when I head to Malaysia in a few weeks time. Garr*

      * which is apparently my word of the moment

      Ho ho ho, Armo where’d you go?

      t’is indeed a jolly season but I’ve been missing for my usual reasons – work has been busy, the commute has been tiring and Emily has been far more fun to play with than my blog in the evenings. Still, hopefully I can get a bit more writing in here as things slow over Christmas. I’ve not been running or dieting particularly well and the winter fat is setting in. The new office canteen is very moreish.

      Still, the Christmas shopping is nearly done.

      Hope you’re all well. Anyone had any good soup lately?

      Love, A

      Armand XXX

      This isn’t a post about porn – I’m turning thirty imminently.

      I had a vague thought that I might blog a list of all the profound and impressive things I’d thought or tried / succeeded / failed to achieve, but truth be told… I don’t see the point.

      The essence of anything I’d write would sum up more or less as follows: at age 30, I am as completely happy as I imagine anyone could be. I have (in no particular order) a wonderful wife and am about to become a dad. I have an amazing set of friends, an ever-supportive family and financial security. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I take huge satisfaction in what I do for a living, I have an amazing home, and I have all the adventure and excitement I could wish for.

      Here’s to holding that thought for the next decade or six – and to all of y’all.

      Continued silence

      Many, many things keeping me busy. The Long Slow Run has turned into Long Slow Recovery, somewhat, as I’ve come down with ITBS (more on that blog), my sister’s wedding had me in Malaysia for a week (also busy), shenanigans with prepping for family life, including sorting out house and car, many good friends’ weddings and stag dos etc. etc.

      But I’ll try to be a bit more present on here… maybe a few more tech-related posts, maybe even (shock, horror) something related to my job (which has been through a sustained period of being both busy and fascinating). Any requests for a theme for my next big blog post?

      It probably won’t be about soup, although I’m determined to get back onto that wagon soon!

      Update for my blog faithful

      Dear all,

      I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much here lately. Truth is, I’ve been busy. Busy with work, the new running regimen, and… planning for the arrival of ‘Hippo’, our child to be, due in October! The name is clearly a work in progress…

      Needless to say we’re delighted and keeping fingers crossed everything goes well. I imagine the ‘soup’ oriented focus of this blog might change somewhat when Hippo arrives…

      In the meantime, find me on Twitter or Facebook, or on the LSR if you want to keep up to date with my happenings, but stay subscribed here… as a great man once said, “I’ll be back.”

      Cheers, Armand

      New running blog

      Sorry for the dearth of posts. I’ve slightly exhausted the ‘new soup’ supply, and have been busy with a combination of personal projects and work.

      One of the personal projects, my running/fitness programme, now has its own blog (with a colleague from work, @jimbocoyle) – you can find over on – it’s the Long Slow Run, a reference to the longer Sunday run people do as part of their running training routine. It’s just kicked off but as my current obssession it will see quite a few posts ahead of my running the New Forest Marathon with Rach, Sensei Paul & others in September. Donate money to the World Cancer Research Fund if you fancy supporting my efforts (Thanks to Jimjamjebobo & the nice people at WCRF for organizing my donations page)…