Evernote feature request

We should have recovered from the migration issues I mentioned recently now, so thanks for bearing with me.

I introduced Amanda to Evernote today whilst kicking off the gargantuan list of things we want to achieve whilst I’m off on sabbatical. She’s generally a propoenent of pen and paper when it comes to this sort of thing but the write once / have anywhere nature of Evernote appealed.

I have a feature request, though: please can you integrate with Google Docs so I can share an individual ‘note’ with someone else, preferably without forcing them to sign up to Evernote themselves? Would be a nice feature.

I’m dealing with some jetlag after the flight back to the UK so an increased rate of bloggery will return soon. Have a couple of queries out about Outcasts given the massive interest I’ve had in my posts about it, however neither the BBC nor Kudos TV are currently responding to me, so it might be a while…