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Sabbatical running off to a good start

20k in after the first weekend. Tomorrow is a 16 hour flight so might be a while before I get going again but hoping for a 2 days on / 1 day off routine, alternating distance and speed, and with stretches and some strength work daily. Although not bench pressing Emily, I understand that’s cruel and unusual!

Runs in Malaysia won’t be Runkeeper tracked as they’ll all be treadmill-centric. Here we go….!


I’ve got a couple of months off after today! No detailed itinerary for you, webbiverse, because I want to dissuade stalkers and robbers, but the essence of the plan is to:

  • Take Emily to meet her family in Malaysia and Denmark
  • Train to do a half marathon as quickly as possible
  • Finish creating a universe and write some short stories in it
  • Help Amanda paint the living room and other assorted DIY stuff
  • Spend a load of time with my girls, visiting friends, chillaxing

      It’s very, very exciting. V. grateful to my employers, for giving me the opportunity (a benefit following 4 years service which I’m calling in after 7 years here!) and am looking forward to the break!

      No more excuses

      Tomorrow’s my last day in the office for a couple of months as my sabbatical kicks in and prep starts for the half marathon. The diet will resume, the training programme will start, and I’ll be doing running PLUS for the next 8-9 weeks. I imagine I’ll try to use jetlag as an excuse – off to Malaysia next week – but it mustn’t happen!

      Wish me luck. I’ve been out of it for most of Feb so my resolve has been pretty weak. But winter is leaving, and its time to hit the tarmac once again…