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Home alone

Emily and Amanda are off visiting friends and I have the bizarre prospect of the first few days at home alone since we moved here.


Managed to keep busy with a little blogging, life-sorting-outness, and a terrible Disney film (Amanda hates Nicolas Cage, but ever since he uttered the line “Why couldn’t you put the bunny back in the box ,” in Con Air I’ve had a soft spot for him). Despite the fact that seeing a nerd take on magic is clearly a good formula for geeks everywhere, the dramatic climax of the film sees the hero emit the horrible putrescence that was:

“I’m not alone. I brought a little science with me.”

I know it was meant to be a little tongue in cheek but it’s nowhere near the comic mastery of  XKCD and just made me shudder a little. Randall Munroe is legend, Jerry Brucheimer, not quite so much.

Still, there was something about seeing the scene from Fantasia take CGI-tastic form.