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New treadmill coming (nod your head)

My Dad’s just ordered a replacement treadmill – the one I broke had lasted 17 years apparently, so wasn’t too much a decision to order a successor from the same company – which is now en route – hoorah! Hopefully home training will resume soon – I have managed one swim and lots of baby weight training in the meantime, though.

Baby weight training = lifting baby with alternate arms. Bench pressing baby as she ‘flies’. Etc.,  My precious little dumbell is weighing in at around 15lbs, so getting heavier!

Seriously, proper training will resume very soon.

Advice on haircuts…

…that I need to take myself.

1) Don’t allow anyone with ridiculous hair to cut your own

2) Don’t reference actors who you really haven’t seen on TV in 8 years (David Boreanaz / Angel was my reference point today)

3) Be wary of hairdressers that think you’re after good value in a haircut. I’m happy to come back in 3 weeks rather than have a “trim” take me down to my roots.

Thanks, “A Cut Above” and curse jetlag for having me half-asleep during the hour long ordeal. It was still cheaper than my local barber in Victoria, though… the wonders of developing nation labour costs.


The sore neck has led to some experimentation with new pillows, and some gloom about my increasingly evident aging. The one I’ve settled on, which seems to be helping, has a softer side and a harder side. Fun!

Who knew there were so many varieties of orthopaedic pillows? Well, given that I’ve mocked Damo mercilessly for much the same thing in the past I was clearly aware it existed as an issue… am clearly going to need to sort myself out when I head to Malaysia in a few weeks time. Garr*

* which is apparently my word of the moment

Should you keep milk in the fridge door?

fridgedoorSo I know this is a burning question many of you have, reading the blog of a lactose-intolerant sci-fi loving, pr-consulting, soup-eating technologist, but hey – if I learn a valuable lesson from ‘House’ I like to pass on the love and help clear up the common misconceptions of this world.

The answer is no, as Dr Wilson revealed in a recent episode. His point – the fridge door is subject to the greatest variability in ambient temperature, so if you want to keep your milk fresh, stick it at the back of the fridge. I keep telling you, Karla, it’s the only medical drama worth watching – even though it’s never lupus, it’s both entertaining (Hugh Laurie is legend) and educational, apparently.

And whilst I do cope with a splash of regular milk in my tea, for all serious milk-drinking, baking etc., we get in the Lactofree – a genius invention for people like me and Curtis Donovan – and will keep you safe from the lactokinetics of this world (Misfits fans…).

“No Tip”

…saw this painted on the road as I was running today. It’s probably just the grammar pedant in me but reminded me of the tip-jars you see in American bars that say “Tipping is not a city in China” (or was that just in the X-Men film?).

I know it’s probably impractical to write “No tipping” or “No fly-tipping,” just wondering if there’s a better way…