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@Urusen in the studio again

3269Long time readers and old friends will know how much I rate the music of my friends at Urusen; Ben and I shared a course at university, have jammed a few times over the years, and we played one of their songs as the first dance at our wedding. So it’s with absolute delight that I note that they’re back in the studio (Real World Studios, no less), and are being featured on the Society of Sound – a member’s club of (as happenstance would have it) my favourite speaker company – Bowers & Wilkins. They’re featured on the B&W blog with a video clip detailing their recording session at Real World (read about it here), and the video is here.

There are also new clips on their Myspace page, for fellow fans. Ben & gang – when can I buy the new album??!

Bafta for the Eagleman Stag

My friend Ben Please (of Urusen fame) and his brother Michael recently won a BAFTA – which is pretty awesome. I haven’t been able to find the full short animated film online (presumably it’s still doing the circuits at festivals etc) but the trailer follows below. Michael talks about it here.

I think Michael is the mastermind of this rather than Ben, and whilst I’ve not met Michael I’d previously encountered via his work on the Urusen music video, Nosediving – also below. A lovely song.


The generosity of friends

There are quite a few of our friends who are similarly prepping for the arrival of little ones at the moment. Inevitably they’re more organised than us and people tell us of the money they’ve spent at John Lewis, Mothercare et al, and with the prospect of the move imminent the costs ahead frankly are terrifying.

That said, a few friends have already been incredibly generous. Gifts have arrived in the post, been hand-transported from Texas, and tonight one colleague invited us around to raid his baby supplies – and we came away with a carload of awesome kit perfectly suited for Hippo’s arrival.

Hippo’s the first grandchild on either side of the family (there are a few grand nieces and nephews about, but not that many), so we’re the first ones to have to get this stuff since we were kids. So we’re unbelievably grateful to you all. Please, take a bow. And our thanks.

Cop15’s got talent – New Urusen tracks and Damo in DK

Longtime followers will know I’m a big fan of my friend Ben’s band, Urusen, who have a bunch of new tracks up on their Myspace page today, including a COP 15 special (“Wish it was”) – all brilliant, as ever with them. Check them out.

If you’re more into the environmental side of things, my friend Damian is reporting from the conference for Prospect (and has been writing for the BBC in the run-up to it). All worth checking out, and a great overview of some of the issues under discussion and (on Prospect) a feel for the show.

Sorry for lack of posts of late. There’s been no new soup, work’s been manic, as has the Christmas routine which has seen us away most weekends. Expect blogging between Christmas and New Year, as I attempt DIY and to resume my fitness regimen.

Weekend of awesome

Done so many wonderful things this weekend with wonderful people at the 10th annual coast party Damian hosts. A few brief highlights (in no particular order):

Spent time talking, singing, dancing and hanging out with some of the loveliest people in the world (the whole wide world)
Drove a Porsche
Ran 12 miles
Tried ‘rock’ fish (Huss, a white fish)
Threw actual rocks at other rocks
Contributed to the construction of a giant sand village (chief Architect: Nicky. Chief Engineer: Pob)
Got bowled out in one ball in a game of beach cricket, sulked
Swum in indoor and outdoor pools
DJ-ed for 3 hours
Danced for 3-4 hours
Told many embarrassing story about ‘Banana Oops’ Damian
Got styled as Bowie (check out my current FB profile pic)
Acted out all the moves to ‘I’m on a boat’
Ate fresh apples off a tree
Lost a sprint race
Won a push-up challenge
Failed to ignite a grass-filled moat/trench defence at midnight on Saturday
Learned how to play an exceedingly complex board game designed to halt the rise of Cthulu (Arkham Horror, I think)
Was impressed by Serena’s mad poetry skills.
Failed to play any poker due to an inadvertently early bedtime
Failed to go to bed till morning due to an advertently late bedtime
Referenced FoTC at every possible occasion
Tried to take some good pictures with my recently acquired Nikon D-80 (need to work out depth of field).
Discovered I actually like marmite. Never thought I did.

Amazing weekend. Massive props to all involved. Big up yourselves.

The ultimate in shoes

I’ve meant to blog this for a while; our friend Nate (originally Arvind’s friend, but like all good friends he has been adopted into the wider family) has been hard at work prepping for the launch of Lodger Footwear, his premium shoe shop and service… but that description somehow doesn’t do it justice. Nate has a vision for living, wearing, eating, well — and part of that ethos is the driving force behind the brand.

Check out the blog, where you’ll learn some fascinating facts about the creation of fine footwear and other things related to living well.

I don’t own a pair yet, but I’m very envious of Arvind’s shoes!

Colonial life

My friend David is off to Argentina to begin his life as a diplomat. We had drinks on Friday – was amazing to hear him describe the places and people he’s going to be living and working in/with. He tells me that on a clear day, he can see Uruguay from his apartment.

The whole concept of picking up and relocating my life, however, is not one I find palatable and am happy to leave David to it. It’s sad to see him go, and great chat and Harrison Ford impressions will have to wait until he works out Skype, but at least I’ll have somewhere to stay when I’m in Buenos Aires.

I may need to take up golf, first, of course. I understand its an essential component of the expat existence over there.