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The generosity of friends

There are quite a few of our friends who are similarly prepping for the arrival of little ones at the moment. Inevitably they’re more organised than us and people tell us of the money they’ve spent at John Lewis, Mothercare et al, and with the prospect of the move imminent the costs ahead frankly are terrifying.

That said, a few friends have already been incredibly generous. Gifts have arrived in the post, been hand-transported from Texas, and tonight one colleague invited us around to raid his baby supplies – and we came away with a carload of awesome kit perfectly suited for Hippo’s arrival.

Hippo’s the first grandchild on either side of the family (there are a few grand nieces and nephews about, but not that many), so we’re the first ones to have to get this stuff since we were kids. So we’re unbelievably grateful to you all. Please, take a bow. And our thanks.