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@Urusen in the studio again

3269Long time readers and old friends will know how much I rate the music of my friends at Urusen; Ben and I shared a course at university, have jammed a few times over the years, and we played one of their songs as the first dance at our wedding. So it’s with absolute delight that I note that they’re back in the studio (Real World Studios, no less), and are being featured on the Society of Sound – a member’s club of (as happenstance would have it) my favourite speaker company – Bowers & Wilkins. They’re featured on the B&W blog with a video clip detailing their recording session at Real World (read about it here), and the video is here.

There are also new clips on their Myspace page, for fellow fans. Ben & gang – when can I buy the new album??!

Hi Fi Heaven

My birthday’s coming up and my Dad bought me a new hi-fi kit to replace my aging B&W speakers and relatively cheap Cambridge Audio amplifier as a present.

I’m now the proud and happy owner of a Roksan Kandy L3 Integrated Amp and some beautiful Rosenut B&W CM1 speakers. As someone who’s always enjoyed good music through hi-fi (thanks to a good induction as a child with my Dad, who used to take me around Singapore listening to speakers that cost tens of thousands of pounds, none of which we were ever going to buy, but y’know, it’s good to have a benchmark), it’s wonderful to have the system in place.

The only thing missing from my hi-def living room now is a Blu-Ray player… Hmm…