Armand in the USA, Armand in the USA!

I’m jetlagged and have some personal issues to deal with — so may not post on my various vacations as soon as I’d like. But expect to see, in the not to distant future, posts on (names of posts, themes, etc, subject to change without notice):

    Adventures in Sardinia
    NYC: meeting cultural and televisual expectations
    Conversations at an apartment block BBQ
    American dreams (of food)
    Key West: Party Town

I’m now in a no-drinking, salad-eating, no-spending phase of my life, so apologies if it gets dull. I do have a few interesting posts saved up, I hope… and some are only tangentially trip related:

Oh, and photos will shortly appear on Flickr, in the usual location. More soon (ish)!

Update: Photos are up and have begun to link to the articles I’ve written… enjoy!