Holidays – Sardinia

I’ve decided that a ‘what I did on my holidays’ type post would be slightly, well, like a 10th grade school assignment, so thought it’d be worth giving some brief impressions, interspersed with some nice photography. Starting with (click click) Sardi-nia. America will take longer for me to do – a lot more photos, and a lot more things going on, but will hopefully be up soon!

Sardinia was my first holiday away with a group of friends with the intent of doing nothing in, well, ever. Was a completely new experience and the sun and food in Sardinia were a great accompaniment; we were in a private villa with a pool in a bizarre collective of sunbaked pink villas on a hill outside the village of Stintino, on the northwest coast of the island. The weather was astonishing; crystal blue skies, strong (sometimes overly strong!) cooling breezes, the crisp, cold mediterrenean (my first time in that particular sea) and lots of time was spent relaxing, eating, playing bizarre games and having great chat. Oh, and drinking a lot and throwing and/or kicking balls around too. And there were more… exiciting moments.

The full photoset is where it usually is, but here are a selection of images that kind of capture the spirit:

Our favourite bus
The halo is around Rach's head
Rach jumping off the boat Group shot on pier Pob-berg (Zoid-Pob?)
Spex 'p'-ing in the road
Neragga (?) in distance
Three cool amigos
Matt, sillyface #81 DSC01641
James, looking cool on beach

And here’s a list of the the different types of animal we ate whilst there — n.b. this may not be comprehensive!!

    wild boar
    pig (bacon & ham)

…not to mention at least 3 types of cheese. Not too shabby, eh? Was a great trip with a great group of people, and I’m really looking forward to my next visit to the Med. I can say that if the first thing you have to do, having been travelling since about 3am, is descend and then climb 656 steps in blazing heat whilst wearing a rugby shirt (they told me it was quite cold in the evenings, so I came prepared!) — well, then, you might sweat some.