Life narrative

I know there are some other [[Scrubs]] fans out there who will, like me, feel considerable empathy for JD’s internal narrative. I certainly spend a disproportionate amount of time gazing into the distance, introspecting about one thing or another.

Not quite this:

It was a dark and stormy night. Armand, clad in a tasteful Cowboy-Bebop style shirt and tan trousers stood on the top of his apartment block’s short set of entry stairs and prepared to brace the biting wind that infiltrated London like the a gust of… well, something cold

But more:

Do I really want to have that tub of Chinese food for lunch today? I’ve resolved to be healthy, I should get a salad. But I’m ill, and it tastes soooooo good. Sod it, Hong Kong café it is…

That said, since I’ve started being more… diligent about transcribing my unique brand of observational humour and insight here, I’ve started blogging in my head. It’s faintly disturbing and probably overwhelmingly geeky, but I quite enjoy the structure this blog gives my thoughts and the outlet for my puns it provides. It’s one of the reasons I carry around a small black notebook (as I’ve mentioned before)…

Is it just me?