I’m back

As Sheila points out, I’m back today. Knackered after a busy and exciting few weeks; have a lot of stories to tell and will get around to structuring thoughts and writing stuff down over the next few days, as I recover from my jetlag. Very pleased to see that Sheila has developed a bit of a following and think I will have an in-person conversation with her about how she continues her burgeoning blogging career. Will Division6 become multi-author? Will Arvind seek to enter the fray? Who can say – but watch this space.

One thought on “I’m back”

  1. I miss my evening blog fest already. Can I blog through comments? Is that fair to me loyal readers?

    Soooooo glad budge is back. Actually had such a happy dream a few nights ago that he’d come home and we were watching tv together. Yes perhaps that’s a little sad.

    Anyway, a big WOOHOO for budge’s return!!

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