Food, glorious food…

Ok, so I know I probably enjoy food a little too much, but a little on the international cuisine I’ve been enjoying of late.

In Sardinia I had my first truly Italian pasta – spag bol like I’ve never had before – it tasted *amazing*, despite minimal meat – and think I’ve got the knack down on how to get the pasta to taste right (lots of salt in the water…). Sheila’s also acquired some good sauce making skills, so hopefully the pair of talents will result in some good pasta at Casa David.

I also had a steak wrapped in bacon, which reminded me how good things wrapped in bacon are, some very-rosemary-ed up Roast Beef (a local specialty – also v. tasty) and some really interesting wild boar gnochetti. There was more, but those are the ones that stand out. For those curious – wild boar tasts a bit like grainy, salty beef, horse tastes like pungent, salty, beef, and donkey (apparently) tastes like braising steak. Salt seems a dominant theme in Sardinian cuisine.

In America, I had the culinary experience my unhealthy adult life has bred me for: pizzas the size of a BICYCLE WHEEL (only ever had a slice per sitting but they were *so* good and have set a new standard for me), chinese takeaway that was incredibly cheap and reminded me so much of Seinfeld I expected Kramer to walk in and clear out my fridge (and I had an egg roll – something they *always* order on American TV programmes), the hot dogs like they look in the movies (great!) and a Mexican restaraunt Gem and I went to served us a dish of baked cheese and sausages that tasted outstanding. And I use the word advisedly. Key West added some amazing prawns (‘shrimp’) and possibly the best burger I’ve ever eaten (photo below).

Possibly the best burger I have ever had, EVER

It has been a fattening few weeks. But deliciously so :).