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Sainbury’s ‘Taste the Difference’ green split pea and ham soup review

Description: “A classic warming combination of green split peas and ham finished with double cream.” Yep, about right.

Health: Only OK – 406 calories for the pot, low in fat and sat fat, not quite so low in sodium, not great on fibre.

Taste: Standard – good, reasonably plentiful chunks of ham and bacon, a good amount of juicy pea, a rich, creamy soup base – there’s nothing not to like (assuming you have fondness for pea and ham). However… there’s nothing particularly interesting or exciting about it.

Full-o-meter: Eh, OK. You’d expect it to be better but the poor fibre content and relatively low protein score (it’s more a pea soup than a ham soup – and rightly so) means you’ll be hungry not too long after this (unless you have it with bread).

Verdict: 3.5/5. It probably deserves 4 but I’m just not inspired by it. I guess I’m not really a ‘classic’ soups guy – I like a bit of edge in my soups.

Marco Pierre White – soup non-reviews

I’ve eaten a couple of Marco Pierre White’s ‘Glorious’ luxury supermarket soup range lately and wanted to write reviews but there’s no web presence for them at all, no nutritional information I can find, nor a reminder of the soup names and descriptions on the web, which rather scuppers my ability to write proper reviews now that I’ve discarded the pots they came in. However, the £2.49 soups from Sainsbury’s were pretty tasty on the whole. Here’s what I remember of them:

Chicken curry soup: tasting faintly of the mild-curry Batchelor’s super noodle this is moreish and tasty, mildly spiced in a British-curry-might-have-fruit-in-it kind of way, a good consistency and with a sensible amount of meat and veg for a potted store soup. IIRC, the calorie count was around the 400 mark which is absolutely fine for a large pot of soup from a supermarket. 4/5.

Sausage hot pot: Tomato was the overwhelming flavour here, with sausages and beans suspended in a rich, chunky soup. It was pretty tasty and hit the spot; however I’ve never really rated tomato soup as a great option so doesn’t fly too highly on my taste bud rankings. Again, lowish on the calls and probably recommended for anyone that likes tomato more than me. 3.5/5 for this one.

Any corrections on soup names, caloric information, pointers to web presences etc., appreciated!

Sainsbury’s Spiced Chicken and Chickpea Soup review

Description: Rich spiced chickpeas, chicken, veg in a mildly spiced, Moroccan style soup.

Health: Pretty good – 382 calories in a 600g pot. Low on fat, sat fat etc.

Taste: Not bad at all. Good levels of spice, filling, a LOT of chickpea and a good amount of chicken for a store-branded pot of soup. As ever, the soup was slightly thin and the ingredients float slightly in it, but have had it twice and its my preferred soup from your average small Sainbo’s now.

Full-o-meter: Excellent. Very high fibre keeps you full for a while.

Verdict: 3.5/5. Almost a 4 but for the consistency. Recommended nonetheless!