Marco Pierre White – soup non-reviews

I’ve eaten a couple of Marco Pierre White’s ‘Glorious’ luxury supermarket soup range lately and wanted to write reviews but there’s no web presence for them at all, no nutritional information I can find, nor a reminder of the soup names and descriptions on the web, which rather scuppers my ability to write proper reviews now that I’ve discarded the pots they came in. However, the £2.49 soups from Sainsbury’s were pretty tasty on the whole. Here’s what I remember of them:

Chicken curry soup: tasting faintly of the mild-curry Batchelor’s super noodle this is moreish and tasty, mildly spiced in a British-curry-might-have-fruit-in-it kind of way, a good consistency and with a sensible amount of meat and veg for a potted store soup. IIRC, the calorie count was around the 400 mark which is absolutely fine for a large pot of soup from a supermarket. 4/5.

Sausage hot pot: Tomato was the overwhelming flavour here, with sausages and beans suspended in a rich, chunky soup. It was pretty tasty and hit the spot; however I’ve never really rated tomato soup as a great option so doesn’t fly too highly on my taste bud rankings. Again, lowish on the calls and probably recommended for anyone that likes tomato more than me. 3.5/5 for this one.

Any corrections on soup names, caloric information, pointers to web presences etc., appreciated!