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Sainbury’s ‘Taste the Difference’ green split pea and ham soup review

Description: “A classic warming combination of green split peas and ham finished with double cream.” Yep, about right.

Health: Only OK – 406 calories for the pot, low in fat and sat fat, not quite so low in sodium, not great on fibre.

Taste: Standard – good, reasonably plentiful chunks of ham and bacon, a good amount of juicy pea, a rich, creamy soup base – there’s nothing not to like (assuming you have fondness for pea and ham). However… there’s nothing particularly interesting or exciting about it.

Full-o-meter: Eh, OK. You’d expect it to be better but the poor fibre content and relatively low protein score (it’s more a pea soup than a ham soup – and rightly so) means you’ll be hungry not too long after this (unless you have it with bread).

Verdict: 3.5/5. It probably deserves 4 but I’m just not inspired by it. I guess I’m not really a ‘classic’ soups guy – I like a bit of edge in my soups.