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Advice on haircuts…

…that I need to take myself.

1) Don’t allow anyone with ridiculous hair to cut your own

2) Don’t reference actors who you really haven’t seen on TV in 8 years (David Boreanaz / Angel was my reference point today)

3) Be wary of hairdressers that think you’re after good value in a haircut. I’m happy to come back in 3 weeks rather than have a “trim” take me down to my roots.

Thanks, “A Cut Above” and curse jetlag for having me half-asleep during the hour long ordeal. It was still cheaper than my local barber in Victoria, though… the wonders of developing nation labour costs.

The good side of jetlag

This morning I’ve…
1) written to some possible wedding venues
2) signed up for a wedding planning website
3) spoken to my brother as he travels back from Sri Lanka (via Google Talk)
4) played a poker tournament with Matt in London (4th place, damn)
5) fixed my dad’s email problems, which required a call to technical support
6) established why the interwebs to Europe is slow (deep sea cable cut)
7) obtained information from Amanda’s parish church for the wedding
8) woken Amanda up

I’ll wager my productivity goes down as the day goes forward.