Torchwood – still good

Seven episodes in and I’m still enjoying Torchwood. Yes, there was some bizarre continuity thing that went wrong after episode 4 (the Cyberwoman one) — Tom and I talked about it and guessed that they might have been forced to shuffle the episode order around after the series was written, and poor Ianto was left without adequate closure.

It’s a good team, good people, simple, but outrageously absurd stories… Strong, character driven fiction. And they’ve stuck in *so* much sexual tension in half a season that I quite simply have no idea where to look. What will happen next week? They’re actually going to run out of permutations of people who can kiss if they keep going at this rate… guest starring alien lesbian murderers notwithstanding.

And Indira Vharma looks like she might be back next week. Exciting!