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Wishlist for iPhone5

So, there were some pretty obvious features that made the iPhone4 a must for me – HD video recording, retina display, video calling, camera flash and a faster processor (the 3GS was creaking with iOS4).

But with the iPhone5 announcement expected at WWDC, are there things that would make me upgrade a year later?

Well, other than bugs in the software (which I’ve blogged about before), which should filter down to iPhone4 too, there’s less that I obviously need. Here’s a collection of rumours on which I’ve based my list so far…

Things I’d like but probably won’t pay for so far

1) Better flash/camera
2) A5 processor (multitasking poorly executed to date on iPhone)
3) Improved phone reception (not that I’ve had substantive problems here)

Things I don’t care about just yet

1) LTE support. No live networks here yet, maybe by iPhone6 time…
2) 3D photography. Not that I think Apple will go there.
3) Weight / colour – I can live with the iPhone the size it is
4) 1080p video output
5) NFC payments
6) Photo projection or other gimmickry

Things I’m not sure about:

1) Form factor. Do I need a 4" screen? I definitely don’t need an iPhone Nano.
2) Any Apple surprises.

All in all, it’s looking more like the iPhone5 will be more like the iPhone4S than a full-on device upgrade, so I may skip it…

Have I missed anything good? I’m not sure what else I need in a phone at this stage…

Features I want to see in iOS5

Dear Mr Jobs (and also FAO the nice folk at Google).

Five months into my iPhone 4 and a few days ahead of the release of iOS 4.2 (which I don’t imagine will fix any of this), here’s some things I’d like you to do in iOS 5.

1) Fix the on-screen notifications. One notification at a time only? With a multitasking phone with push notifications on dozens of apps? BORKED.
2) Swype. Android and Nokia do it for text input, and its pretty awesome.
3) Proper Gmail client. Y’know, again, like Android. Your threaded conversation is ok, but not great. Google, don’t be petty about the platform. Plenty of loyal Google users use iPhones, get over it!
4) Proper Gmaps client. Y’know, again, like Android… with turn-based Nav and other good features. As above to Google folks.
5) Pre-emptive dialling. This was the only thing I missed from Windows Mobile 6.x (and earlier) – where you typed in a number and it used pre-emptive entry to work out who you wanted from your address book. Much easier than searching for a name in the contacts…
6) A more dynamic home screen. This time its Windows Phone 7 that has stepped up its game.
7) Speed up Appstore browsing. It’s a little slow.

I’m happy for you to leave out Flash. It sucks, and the sooner the world realises that HTML5 is the way to do things, the better.

Well, that’s it from me for now. What do you think needs changing in iOS?