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Steeled for 2012

2012 AustraliaCrikey, four months and a whole new year before Division6 got an update; I can only apologize; it’s genuinely been so busy, between work, visiting family, the arrival of a new nephew and a dozen, dozen other exciting, important things, that I’ve struggled to find the time – and on those occasions when I had the time, I struggled with the motivation. I do have a list of posts planned that’ll see a lot of new stuff on here in the weeks ahead…!

All continues well in our worlds; after a slightly virus-laden Christmas, we all recovered and have had some wonderful times with friends and family, including our second (possibly third) night away from Em on NYE (thanks parents!) and much more. Amanda made our house a Christmas paradise this season and – whilst its approaching time that it all comes down – it is with the child-like sadness that I note the passing of a delightful holiday season.

A few resolutions for 2012, doubtless which will have an impact on my posting here.

  1. Regain healthy eating and exercise routine. It’s been six months since I last went on a run and I’ve ignored my diet for about 15 months. It’s had an adverse effect on my weight, fitness, and how I feel in general. I’ve reinstated my draconian calorie counting (although and working my way into the draconian control over my food intake) and started the 100 push-ups programme again. When I get back down to a 32″ waist, I’m getting rid of the ‘fat jeans’ as Amanda calls them, and planning on buying a new suit in the summer. Expect more soup reviews…
  2. No procrastination! Over Christmas I sorted out filing dating back 9 months, responded to emails from the same period, finished tasks around the house that dated back an age and more. This’ll be a tough one to keep, but hopefully ‘action now’ is a motto that will serve me well.
  3. See our friends more. We’ve been a bit rubbish about this in the last year as we adapted to parenthood and country living, but we will make this change!

That’s it – a short but substantial list of resolutions. I know most NY resolutions falter but hopefully the fact that I’ll be sharing my progress on some of these fronts at least on Facebook and here will add to my motivation! Certainly I’ve had enough of feeling slightly tubby, so will be determinedly fighting that one!!

Photo via Tim Phillips on Flickr.

Quiet time on division6

Sorry, I’ve been quiet on here. It’s been busy at work, leaving me little brainspace for much else, and for the last three days I’ve had baby-led man flu. And so I finally understand what that’s about – it’s one of many parenting-led experiences that you have to have, you can’t just be told about, to fully comprehend.

I was in bed for a lot of the time, working from home for the rest, but I managed to finish Fiona McIntosh’s Valisar trilogy (meh) and watch some average films (and one good one – Attack the Block!).

Need to find something new to read now…

Multi-tasking – limited by my brain

Day 127: Multi-taskingI’m in a period of particularly intense focus at work at the moment and that’s not leaving me a lot of spare bandwidth for blogging. Life continues merrily. Despite the first signs of autumn gathering gloomily (mist over the common a few mornings ago), we’ve still got our annual South Coast seaside celebration to look forward to, so sunshine is still firmly on the agenda.

Normal service will resume in about a week and a half. In the meantime, my thoughts may be marginally more half baked than usual – apologies!

New philosophy of life

Taking a second to pause this weekend, it occurred to me that much of the last 9 months have happened in a hurry – and I’m therefore doing exactly what I swore I wouldn’t do, which is rush through my enjoyment of my family.

It’s a consequence of a low level of stress and a high level of busy – you inevitably end up filling your time with to-do lists and rarely, on that to-do list – is the action – enjoy life.

I’m going to try to temper this a bit in the months ahead – slowing everything down to a more pleasurable pace – so that I can get the most of out it and it can get the most out of me. Precision and purpose, not mania and mayhem. New day, new mantra.

Extra interaction

There’s been some wonderful comments on the blog, between the PageRank upgrade, my increased frequency of blogging, and the inlinks from the BBC. Thanks to everyone for getting involved; from Outcasts fans from Australia and the USA upset about the show cancellation, Apprentice fans in the UK and beyond offering interesting insights on entrepreneurship, to my friends and family getting stuck into the various other discussions that have kicked off. Many thanks.

Thanks to those who’ve got in touch offline too – via Facebook and email. Really interesting and entertaining to be able to flex my brain in different directions like this.

I’ve got a new blogging project in development, which will take some of the more technical content off this blog, which I think would be good for most regular readers.

More on this later…


I was ill from Thursday through Saturday last week, a thoroughly depressing experience. In addition to the sheer unpleasantness of it, there’s the tedium of not being able to work productively (did a few bits from home but head was pounding too much), there’s a general feeling of apathy and sloth that makes you feel persistently less good than you are.

Fortunately, I’m through it now. Blogging and other normalcy has resumed!


Further to my post about switching off, I’ve had a manic few days and – as such – haven’t had the brainspace free for blogging. It’s a rare state of focal zen for me, to have such a persistent thread of thought running that I can’t find the leeway or willpower to force my brain into a different shaped hole.

Fortunately, I’m a bit clearer of that now and back to it. You can expect me to be my tediously prolific self once again… now.

Running hiatus / parenthood full swingness

My post-race plans have been rather put asunder by the early arrival of our beautiful daughter, Emily Kingsmill David, last Sunday morning. We’ve had a wonderful first week and a bit with her but between Amanda’s recovery from the (difficult) labour and getting used to the routine of a newborn there’s not been opportunity or inclination for me to leave the house. This’ll hopefully change as we get used to it all and I hope to have an update on my first post-dadhood run in the next couple of days.