Moma–the best breakfast?

momaoatiebreakfastSomeone came up with the inspired idea of  blending smoothie, yoghurt and oats together to form a healthier breakfast, and, having had a free sample on my way in yesterday I decided to give it a fully paid trial today. Here’s how it stacks up against some arbitrary criteria:

1) Taste, pretty good. Hence going back to it. I’m a fan of oats and yoghurt (not so much of smoothie) but it works as a combination. If you like two or more of the ingredients it’ll probably tickle your taste buds. I got the strawberry and banana edition, which, oddly enough, tastes of strawberries and banana.

2) Appearance, not so great. It looks like someone has eaten all of the constituent parts and thrown up in a plastic tub. It’s certainly not the artful dollop of compote on a tub of creamy porridge that’s become fashionable of late.

3) Healthiness (1) – from a nutritional perspective, there are a couple of claims in the marketing that are difficult to substantiate in terms of saturated goodness, etc – there’s not much nutritional information on the tub. Certainly its low in salt and relatively low in fat, but its not massively high on protein or fibre either.

4) Healthiness (2) – from a caloric perspective, it stands about even with a mid-sized bacon bap at 430 odd calories for the tub. Helpfully, the caloric values are given per 130g and the pack is 425g, so you need a calculator to scale up. Misdirection? Or am I being cynical?

5) Cost – £3! For yoghurt, oats and some blended fruit!

6) Fillingness – does better than aforementioned bacon sandwich here…

So, in short, I’m probably not buying this again. Taste and endurance don’t make up for everything else, especially not the exorbitant cost. A smaller packet, £2 price tag and maybe…