Marco Pierre White Glorious Indian chicken soup review

Description: “A warming curry soup with tender pieces of chicken breast, red pepper, coconut cream and authentic indian spices, finished with coriander. GLORIOUS.” I think the descriptions writer got a bit curried [sic] away!

Health: 404 cals for the pot, which is OK, but low fibre, high sodium, middling protein makes this a bit average.

Taste: Less good than the first time I tried it, I think. The soup is a bit thin and suffers from the absence of a strong binding veg in there (some potato or some curried squash or even a few more lentils). The salt-level, whilst not overbearing in the taste, is headache inducing.

Full-o-meter: Not brilliant. Not thick and substantial enough without bread.

Verdict: 3.5/5. Downgraded on original verdict now that I’ve given it a full review.