The Blue Door

The Blue DoorI don’t actually have a blue door, or live particularly the one made famous by the film… but the transition to the green, leafy streets near the Artesian Village is finally complete. It’s been an absolutely exhausting few weeks, one punctuated with entertaining moments, stressful hours, and an absolutely vast amount of dust. I can’t express enough thanks to all the friends who helped with the transition. It was very touching.

In any event, I’m settling in well to the new place. It’s wonderful to have my own independent space, but still be in proximity to my siblings (who live in the upstairs flats). It’s great to have broadband again (that was a tough break), and it is a relief to have evenings that are once again my own as the majority of furniture assembly is now complete. The proximity to Bodeans is also reassuring, and Westbourne Grove truly is a fun street to have in range.

Visitors welcome. Drop me a line!

Photo from Craig Grobler’s photostream.