The Mobile Life

Disclaimer: T-Mobile is a client of my agency. I don’t work on the account, and receive no discount. The below, as ever, represents my personal opinion.

T-Mobile MDA Vario 2Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party at her place in North London. As a point of fact, I didn’t really know where I was going until after I’d left the house.

I was able to check the venue (using mobile Facebook), find it on Google Maps, and entertain myself playing bubble breaker when the Circle line proved unreliable. And mobile Gmail is pretty good, too. The fact that I have an unlimited data tariff (Web & Walk costs £7.50 a month) means I have no compunction about accessing these services either.

I’ve always been a bit of an early adopter, but given how much people are using services like Facebook and Gmail these days, I do wonder if this stuff has hit mainstream now. Are you using mobile web services? Why not, if not?

In point of fact, my phone, a HTC Hermes (the T-Mobile MDA Vario 2 incarnation thereof) has been annoying me of late. It’s been a bit unstable, slow etc. I’m in need of the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade. I’m waiting for the day that reports that its out for the Vario 2…

Photo from Timcowlishaw’s photostream.