The flood subsides, and I’m happy

Now that the crushing flood of discount seekers has subsided, and my traffic levels have gone down to their previous levels, I’m a little less self-conscious than I have been about writing. Ok, so I was never really that self-conscious, but my internet’s still down (it wasn’t the modem), and I’m busy with Christmas things. But, now whilst I wait for my broadband provider to ring and talk me through some diagnostic tests (that I’ll inevitably have done and which won’t make any difference to the broken-ness of my internet connection) I find I have a brief interval in which to blog.

Ah, crap, nothing to say.

Well, that’s not true. I have a few things to say. And because it’s a happy season, I’ll bore you with all the happy stuff. It’s not smug, I promise. It’s about a shift in perspective: try it, if you like: struggling with blog posts? Write some things that are making you happy

I’m pleased with Spurs recent performance in the premiership. We seem to have finally remembered how to score goals. Now if we can just win an away match…

I’m happy the Christmas season is here. I love buying gifts. I love receiving them too. Hint hint.

I’m happy my brother has posted my membership application for Soho House. That’ll be a thing of awesome beauty and power if it comes through.

I’m happy following a great Christmas party last weekend.

I’m happy planning a Thames-side Christmas lights walk this weekend.

I’m happy to be receiving review copies of games from Electronic Arts, which I’ll be writing up on this blog. Expect the first one, a review of the PS2 format Superman Returns videogame, this weekend.

I’m happy from all the Orange Wednesday films I’ve been watching, especially the Tenacious D movie, and, oddly enough, Stranger than Fiction. The power of the narration device is strong in this one.

I’m happy with gig tickets to see the Killers and the Fratellis early next year.

I’m happy having a skiing holiday booked.

I’m happy, listening to the Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny album for the 45th time in a month.

I’m excited, about Christmas parties and the trip to Malaysia this year (even if I have contempt for this. Sorry, had to get that out of my system).

That’s it, for now. At some stage I’ll see how this perspective on life fits into my overall philosophy on crap in general and write one of Hugh’s manifestos. For now, stay happy, people.