House hunting

Whilst I can currently afford a slightly cramped shoebox in the London environs, I have started to look around. Circumstances, y’know.

Interesting reading through the code once again:

“Well proportioned” == tiny.
“Delightful” == shit.
“Light and airy” == small, dark and cramped. Has a window, somewhere.
“…moments from the amenities of…” Miles. From. Everything.
“…on a popular residential road…” Miles. From. Everything.
“Well located…” == located, if not on, then adjacent to a busy railway track and/or motorway.

Cynical? Moi?

Can’t believe Foxton’s are still doing well after that BBC thing

2 thoughts on “House hunting”

  1. Move to Northumberland Armo!! ;)

    It’s gorgeous up here and spacious flats = Mahooosive flats!! Plus, you can go to the beach after work!

    Thanks for your help with blogging etc before. Am contemplating setting up a blog, watch this space


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