Windows Live Writer

Windows Live WriterSo I’m checking out Windows Live Writer; in fact this post, and the post before it were written using it. For those not in the know, it’s a ‘super exciting’ (thanks for the tip, Simon ;)) WYSIWIG blog editor. Well, it seems more than that and I’ve only been using it for five minutes – it’s a highly extensible blog publishing application, integrating with a number of blogging engines (including WordPress).

The community around it is impressive; its been around for all of a month and already there are numerous plugins (including one for Flickr, which is already up, running and more stable than my Tantan plugin). I may add more Flickr images to my posts than strictly speaking necessary in the days to come…

In short; excellent. Try it out if you find you’re not a fan of your blogging engines normal back-end. Expect it to do the standard MS trick of inserting random crap into your HTML if you edit in rich text mode, though. One of those inevitabilities.

(ah, I see there’s a problem with the Flickr API that’s messing with theTantan plugin. I should fix that…)

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