iTunes 7 sucks

Sleek, glossy and ‘simple’ as it is, getting iTunes 7 to work on my machine required:

    installing iTunes 7 (error message)
    uninstalling Quicktime
    reinstalling iTunes 7 with quicktime (works, but doesn’t detect iPod)
    uninstalling iTunes 7 AND quicktime
    reinstalling iTunes 7 and quicktime
    restarting machine 3 times

…and breath. No wonder people are complaining. Man, that Steve Jobs really busts my chops.

You wanna fight Steve? You wanna fight? Bringit.

And to all you people saying that this wouldn’t happen if I had a Mac… shutup. I was kinda tempted by Linux after seeing this, though:

8 thoughts on “iTunes 7 sucks”

  1. I agree with you; I downloaded the new version of itunes and it tells me that it is compatible with an earlier version of windows. Why would I want a version of itunes that isnt compatible with my version of windows? I refuse to deal with apple and itunes anymore; it’s not the only player around. Every new version of itunes is more aggrevating than the last.

  2. i agree , after downloading itunes 7 i realize it doesnt work on surround sound and cant get that to work at all. Plus it randomly makes the tracks go twice as fast for no reason or if i ever open a big program sutch as a game , ITUNES 7 SUCKS!!!

  3. How was it when you finally got it installed? Any different to 6? Thanks for the CD, btw… And sorry I didn’t warn you about ‘Talk Like a Pirate’ Day. Did you not notice everybody around you slipping more ‘aaaarrrggghhhs’ into their conversation than usual and making obscure references to planks and pieces of eight?

  4. I agree i could not hear when i playing music files in itunes 7.But i can able to hear when iam watching videos.Itunes 7 sucks

  5. Had to download it 4 times! Error Quicktime version, which was okay on forehand. I bought Fergie and it took for ever, bringing my computer completely stuck severeal times. Clip is not working properly. Q, do you wont to let Itunes look foor illustrations, A, yes please. Result never happenend.

  6. iTunes 7 SUCKS, it deleted all my music library and kept only the newly purchased songs FROM iTunes. It deleted ALL my songs on my iPod and I had to reset it to factory settings. DO NOT DOWNLOAD iTunes 7, 6 was just fine. Apple has made a BIG mistake with this version release, I am sure another smart company will take advantage and we all won’t be using iTunes much longer. Such a shame for such a good company!

  7. iTunes 7 finds my iPod when it feels like it, found killing all iTunes processes(iTunes.exe, & iPodService.exe) gets it working.


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