Cycling off the night before

Man, cycled for about an hour and a half today. Which was cool – just surprising as my ‘winging’ it policy completely failed to stand up as I got lost in West London on my way to Portobello. Still, in the end I made it and enjoyed the scenic route. And I managed to fix Arvind’s wifi (well, mostly) which was geekily satisfying.

How I was able to cycle for an hour and a half given the lack of sleep (was out till the small hours at a v. fun birthday party on Sat…) is really beyond me, though.

Oh, at said party Lou inferred that I say ‘man’ too much. Which is probably a fair criticism. And Pob told me off for starting a sentence with ‘so…’. Apparently doing this makes me not only American, but a Microsoft Employee. I’ll resist in future ;).

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