Remastering in progress

For those of you anxiously awaiting ‘The Firefox Love Song’, it is currently being re-engineered and recorded. Pob liked the song when he came around to help tweak it, and has decided that it has to be re-recorded from scratch to get it sounding really good. He’s promised we’ll retain some creative control, though, which is clearly important ;).

Mazmo had even come around to record the vocals! But think we’ll persuade her to do it again when Pob’s laid down a better version of the audio… (I’m hoping to get to play at least one guitar on the remastered version, but we’ll see)… In any event, it looks like the credits list on the Public Betas’ first single is growing ;).

We’ll keep you posted. If enough people comment insisting to hear the demo (let’s call that number 15 so it is quantifiable ;)) then I’ll stick it up.

For those waiting for the novel – sorry. I’ve been distracted. It is being worked on…