Strolling down Sugar House Lane

Sheila and Arvind @ SHL Arvind arranged for us to be given a tour of his movie set! Sugar House Lane, due for release in March 2007 (or thereabouts) enters its final week of production this week and we got to see the set in full splendour – a fantastic old warehouse near Bromley-by-Bow. The Art Department have really gone to town and its a remarkable, remarkable sight. The graffiti (which is hysterical, and one of which references a Myspace link) was put together by the rival East London and West London graffiti massives. Awesome.

Loads of photos on Flickr, as ever, but I really would encourage everyone to check out the blog — there’s content from loads of people involved in the production of the film, behind the scenes video, and photos from their Flickr photostream.

For those wondering what the movie is about, here’s the official synopsis:

Crackhead, Killer, Accountant.

Disillusioned middle class city boy Tom is looking for something in the back streets of London; he thinks D – a young desperate drug addict can give him what he needs. But what D’s offering comes with more than just a price tag…

Holed up in a derelict warehouse, with the impending threat of local crimelord Hoodwink at their backs, both men play an intense game of cat and mouse; scrambling to cut a deal and make sense of the very lives they may be about to lose.

The crew and cast seem awesome – check them out on imdb. I’m very excited. And I’m very pleased at how well they’re doing the whole social media thing; Flickr, YouTube, competitions for readers of the blog, the whole shebang. Please check it out, link to it, write about it, and let me know if you want an iconic SHL sticker – I have a few to give out!

2 thoughts on “Strolling down Sugar House Lane”

  1. Ooooh… Andy Serkis and Ashley Walters. That is a nice cast.

    I’m a bit concerned that a March 2006 release date is a little ambitious, what with it being six months ago, but other than that, it looks exciting.

  2. D’oh. Duly corrected. 6 and 7 are right next to each other on the keyboard after all…

    Andy Serkis was tattooed up and about to dunk his head in ice-cold water when I saw him on set. You don’t get much harder than that…

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