Sugarhouse Lane

Another exciting movie coming soon is Sugarhouse Lane, a new film from Slingshot Studios. Yep, that’s right, it’s Arvind’s company’s first movie! It’s just finished its first week of shooting, and as I understand it things are going well.

Slingshot’s taken on the social media thing to help support the development and marketing of the film, and Sugarhouse lane has its own blog, Flickr photostream, and has been uploading some content onto Youtube as well – see below.

It’s hugely exciting. I’m not privy to any special news as yet but will follow the film’s official outlets and see what I can get out of Arvind as well… in the meantime, enjoy the time lapse graffiti / set creation video they’ve put up:

Oh — and Arvind — you were right. Sugarhouse Lane is a much better name for the movie than Collision. V. excited!

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  1. Hey Armand, Glad you’re following the blog and enjoying it’s direction. The eternal question Collision vs. Sugarhouse Lane – the debate continues…. glad to hear your view!

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