So many exciting movies…

There are a few exciting movies coming up. Sure, I still haven’t gotten over the excitement that was A Scanner Darkly. If you haven’t seen the trailers for the below, check them out – although I appreciate that none of these are ‘news’, some of you may have missed that these were coming.

Transformers poster They’re making a live-action film of The Transformers – directed by Michael “I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark when he made Pearl Harbor” Bay. The teaser looks ok, but I’m just excited about the possibility of a real-looking transforming Optimus Prime. What a hero. They’ve even recruited Peter Cullen, who voiced Prime in the original 1984 series, return to the role – “Autobots, transform and roll out.”

Ah, such satisfying geekery.

Then, there’s the Prestige, which Tom pointed me to. This has Batman and Alfred from Batman Begins (Christian Bale and Michael Caine) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) with Scarlett Johannson facing off against each other as performing magicians around the turn of the century. Except they seem to be having a Deathmatch, and there’s a chance one of them has real magic… Directed by Christopher Nolan, this also looks like it might be entertaining…

Ghost rider Lastly, Nic Cage has Ghost Rider coming out soon, which looks suitably ridiculous. I anticipate it being mediocre at best (why can’t Marvel follow DC’s lead and focus on quality rather than quantity!) but the visual effects look v. entertaining, and when Nic Cage says ‘let’s ride’ and transforms into a flaming, harley riding skeleton – well, it’s cool!

More on other films to come soon. But just wanted to get some anticipation out of my system!