Tony’s got a blog

Tone’s started a blog over on He’s an oracle on many things, but as you would guess if you knew him, the blog is likely to cover all things PR, technology (especially Apple Mac focussed) and, apparently, random bits of Australian-ness (like the recent banana drought).

Devotees of division6 will remember that, many moons ago, I blogged about a book I was reading called ‘Outlaws of the Marsh.’ Tony introduced me to the book and the name of his blog, “Timely Rain” is the nickname of a leading influence amongst the gallant fraternity, Song Jiang.

Check it.

One thought on “Tony’s got a blog”

  1. Yes well I am going to try to keep the Apple stuff to a minimum, Armo. My experience working with Microsoft has taught me that there are two sides to every story (although one side is particularly crap, yet improving crap). Also – I doubt there are “devotees” of Division6. Press ganged, maybe. ;-)

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