Writing in the morning vs. writing in the evening

When does inspiration strike?

I’ve had a hectic few weeks. The peace and relative calm of this bank holiday weekend has given me some motivation to write during the day — normally distractions abound and I don’t get around to putting the proverbial pen to paper until I’ve decided to go to sleep and find insomnia striking.

I do keep losing ideas, however – thoughts for characters for the novel, blog posts etc. that occur in the shower, at work, during conversations with friends — I need to find my little black book again and starting keeping more meticulous notes…

I don’t really know if I’m a morning person or an evening person. It kind of depends how I’m feeling that day. But it’s clear I’m going to need stucture in my routine as well as structure in my planning to get this novel off the ground. I should also probably spend more time writing and less time writing about writing.