England vs Ecuador

Anyone who knows me will tell you quite how bad I am at watching or paying any attention to sport, but have been getting into (bits of) this world cup. Never mind that my sweepstake draws were universally appalling (one of my golden boot strikers didn’t even make the squad – Ewerthon) — I have at least been watching the England games when I can. Saw the first one in Sardinia, the second in NYC, read the live commentary to the Sweden match (depressing as it was) on my train back from Heathrow. Today I watched the Ecuador match with friends in West London.

And it was exciting. And I was getting involved. And – its pretty cool. I can’t afford another time-absorbing hobby (and don’t think I’m that interested anyway), but it is fun to kind of share it with my (almost all much more interested in football) friends – although a few of football fans in the room did not appreciate my stating the obvious (“damn, that was close” on the Ecuador shot in the first 20 minutes). Alan Hanson, I’m not.

Anyway, come on my adopted nation, ENG-ER-LAND! Bring on the quarter finals — oh, and don’t worry Daf, I still support Wales for the Rugby ;).