The Sky is falling

The last few days have been windy. I mean really, hats blowing off, cycling is twice as hard, umbrella-inverting kind of windy. And probably as a result, our satellite transmission stopped working… and so I had an encounter with Sky’s customer support.

They’re usually pretty helpful, I’ve got to say, and the process they guided me through involved at least one thing I hadn’t thought of myself (“are you sure its plugged in?” – not that one)… but, asides from the fact that the lady was singularly grumpy, they couldn’t help me. You see, it could be the dish, and not the digibox, at fault. Which would require me to pay a separate bunch of people to come around and fiddle about with the cabling.

So its all very frustrating. Bring on IPTV – and a new version of Tivo that can cope with it…

One thought on “The Sky is falling”

  1. Armand, I can remember at least once when a sky engineer was called around to the flat and later informed me, to my embarrassment, as I hadn’t called him out, that the cable wasn’t quite plugged in properly – it can happen to anybody.

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