Influenza is *so* boring

Have been ill – really ill, not just man-cold hypochondria – for the whole week. Bunged-upness means sleep has been hard-coming, and the doctor’s prescription of Ibuprofen, Paracetomol, and drinking water until I burst has been less than 100% effective thus far, although the worst of the fevers (and mild accompanying hallucinations) have now passed, which can only be a good thing.

Initially, I managed to at least get some reading done – finished Peter Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga, which was fantastic. But I’ve burned my way through most of the easily accessible Sci-Fi/Fantasy I own and don’t quite have the concentration span for anything more substantial. So I’ve done other things, like set up VPN access from my laptop into work so I can begin to start structuring thoughts again, and flashed my Dell’s system BIOS so that it stops crashing every 10 minutes.

Small victories. But still totally fed up with this illness and itching to go back to work. But at the same time, know that would have probably fallen over had I gone in today… Ah, dilemmas…