Busy like a monkey on amphetamines

Gosh its been a busy week or two. One of the busiest weeks at work since I started – and have had busy weeks before, I promise – parents imminent arrival, plotting a summer break, looking after Mousecapades for Gem and getting over the remnants of last week’s flu – a two day weekend is just completely inadequate!!

But beginning to feel in the driving seat again, which is good – and will mean I do a little more blogging and Linklogging too – so apologies for temporary radio silence.

Interesting things that I’ve done/seen thoug: reading the Jonathan Stroud books, seeing Good night and good luck, both of which are awesome. Have also watched a lot of Transformers Cybertron, which is a world improved on the recent Japanese dubs, ‘Robots in Disguise’ and ‘Armada’, and has some of those appealing story arcs that keep you hooked…

Anyway, more to come. Good night, and good luck!