Search Strings

Sorry, Chris has been blogging about google search strings as well, and I find this quite funny.

Here’s the top ten (of ten) search strings for this site as of today:

Top 10 of 10 Total Search Strings
# Hits Search String
1 2 18.18% avril lavigne download free don’t tell me -lyrics
2 1 9.09%
3 1 9.09% axl rose facelift
4 1 9.09% badass latin phrases
5 1 9.09% download badgers song by weebl
6 1 9.09% eragon download sites
7 1 9.09% qwghlm pronounciation
8 1 9.09% richie rich punjabi download song
9 1 9.09% waiting for my real life to begin download
10 1 9.09% zatoichi dvd cover download

Google has some trouble, evidently, with blogs. If ‘google weebl badgers find’  takes you to my site, then how will one ever find badgers? And WHO searches for ‘badass latin phrases’? I thought for sure that I’d be coining a phrase there…

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